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EUROVISION 2015 Lied Lyrik
2016 Gewinner - Ukraine
2015 Gewinner - Schweden
2013 Gewinner - Dänemark
2012 Gewinner - Schweden

Video: Video
Liedermacher: Ardit Gjebrea & Pirro Çako
Komponist: Ardit Gjebrea

You are the one
You give me that something I need
It is me, and I'm calling
You are the one
Making it easy to be
In love with you I'm falling
We been down
Don't you know we been down here, and I feel it
Even now,
Time that we make a deal, and seal it

It's all about you
The things that I do
The rest of the world don't understand me
You are all I dream
Everything that I need
Because when you are gone, I feel so empty
It's all in the way you look at me
You're driving me crazy
It's all about you
All the things that I do
You are my life
Because you make it amazing

I am the one
Who doesn't know how to say no..
To you I'm so easy
I am the one
Who's letting my ego just go
For you complete me